Julian Vogel


About Speaker

Julian Vogel is CEO of ModusBPCM and a leading communications figure in the UK having mentored some of the industry’s most valued professionals and held relationships with several renowned clients for over a decade. Known for his strategic precision, grace and reliability, Julian has a unique talent for effortlessly connecting people, businesses, brand and story through his vast network of media, buyers and opinion leaders.

Julian’s diverse network is matched by the diversity of his affinities that allow him to serve as conduit between fashion, beauty, design, travel, art and music and uncover brand stories worth sharing. Julian is passionate about infusing these brand stories with a creative force through compelling content creation and experiential events that increase reach and truly engage audiences.

Julian merged Modus with BPCM to continue to grow through their joint networks and evolve the vast potential of creative brand storytelling globally.

Further evidencing his reputation in London, Julian has been invited to hold positions on the Board of Trustees for the Design Museum and Development Board for the Victoria & Albert Museum.