Pushing The Needle: The Power of Speculative Design

15:20 - 16:10 17 September 2019

Becky Miller

Service Designer, Policy Lab, UK Government Cabinet Office 


About Speaker

Becky is a service designer working in the UK government. She holds a masters in Service Design (2018) and a Bachelors in 3D Design (2007), but has an eclectic career background, only recently coming to work in a formal design role.

She has always been interested in the complementary roles design can play to both capture the imagination and deliver pragmatic change. Her playful yet provocative In Case of Emergency money box (2007), pre-dated the financial crash of 2008. Similarly, her speculative policy project, Planet Impact Tax (2017), was awarded the Future of Money Design Award last year, almost in anticipation of the climate emergency the UK government has now declared. 

Whilst studying at the Royal College of Art she co-founded SustainLab RCA to provide a cross-disciplinary space to encourage critical and ethical questions about the role of artists and designers into the 21st Century. This is a theme that has always guided her work, which she is now seeking to thread into her role in government.





15:20 - 16:10 17 September 2019