Ian Lee, Creative Director, frog

About Speaker

Ian is a Creative Director at frog. With 15 years of experience, Ian is an expert in delivering products and experiences, and has successfully launched over 90 products for clients in multiple industries.

Ian’s leadership and focus area is “Convergent Transformation & Design”, a philosophy and approach that integrates physical products, intelligent services, and digital platforms in new ways to deliver transformative experiences for companies looking to compete in a future of AI, IoT, and big data.

Ian joined frog in 2011 to set up its product innovation practice in China, before moving to UK in 2014 to establish frog’s London studio. He currently spends his time leading teams across frog’s UK, Europe, and China locations.



14:45 - 15:30 18 September 2018

How can convergent design transform customer experience across a suite of products? What measures can be employed to demonstrate the positive impact of well-executed UX design?