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16.00 - 17.00

Design chameleon


  • What does it mean to be a designer today? 
  • Equipping yourself to take on the many roles a designer must embody 
  • Changing your approach for commercial, cultural and research projects 
  • Questioning assumptions about design and the role of designers

Ineke Hans, Principal, Ineke Hans Studio

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Seen as one of the leading Dutch designers, Ineke's Hans (RCA) portfolio contains work for daring and caring international manufactures like Arco, Cappelini, Iittala, Lensvelt, Magis, Offecct, Royal Ahrend, RoyalVKB and clients such as: Cooper Hewitt Museum (NY), Royal Dutch Forestguard, Shorefast Foundation (CA) and Dutch governmental organisations. 

This September 'Was Ist LoOS?' opens in Vienna’s Kunsthalle Wien: a major exhibition on Ineke’s work that taps into the status quo of design today. An accompanying publication will feature contributions from   Oliver Stratford, editor in chief of Disegno Magazine and Director of Design Museum Deyan Sudjic.