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14.45 - 15.45

Engineering a revolution: biomimicry and bionic design


- Experimenting with ways of making materials that can revolutionise the world around us
- Mimicking of biological mechanisms and technologies to solve global problems and increase the quality of our lives
- Bringing large scale industrial biotechnologies to a domestic scale 
- Designing and engineering the world’s first living and breathing chandelier
- Symbiotic design that harnesses photosynthesis to clean the air and generate biofuels
- Developing biotechnology at an architectural scale that can transform the urban environment

Julian Melchiorri is the former Inventor in Residence at the V&A, is a design engineer, inventor and entrepreneur. Internationally known for his visionary 'artificial leaf' projects, Julian proposes radical environmental solutions for urban and industrial settings through an innovative exploitation of biological microorganisms and materials to convert waste and pollution into valuable resources. He has been nominated for Forbes 30 under 30 Europe: Social Entrepreneurs and has won the Material Innovation award from the Arts Foundation and Clothworkers foundation. 

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