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14.45 - 15.45

Brain manufacturing


- Brain scanning, emotion mapping and biometric sensors: can we scientifically understand the way we percieve and react to colour?
- What are the cultural and biological differences in the way individuals experience colour?
- Do we really like what we think we like? What happens when our conscious and subconscious feelings don’t align?
- Do subconcious colour matches provide a deeper connection between users and design?
- What place does sensorial evidence have in the design process?
- Creating individually tailored design: how should the way we expereince colour inform the designed world?

Merel Bekking, Founder, Merel Bekking Design and Brain_manufacturing

Just like any other designer Merel Bekking wants to create the perfect the design. However unlike other designers Merel works with Dr. Steven Scholte, associate professor at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and an expert in the field of visual perception and personality to develop the Brain_manufacturing technique to use MRI scanners and biometric sensors to find out what people experience as beautiful and ugly, like or dislike, in materials, shapes and colors. Merel Bekking applied her research and design method to Dezeen editor Marcus Fairs in 2015.

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