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16.00 – 17.00

The universe of a polymath


- Exploring creativity without limits: working in the overlap of design, fashion, technology, performance and curation
- Creating ‘universes’ not collections: viewing design as a totally immersive experience
- Defining your identity and developing your skills as a designer when working across disciplines
- Adapting a design approach for a fashion collection vs an installation or exhibition
- Exploring the process of designing a collection rather than a single piece of work
- Collecting inspiration: drawing reference from the mundane to the surreal

Henrik Vibskov, Fashion Designer

Danish creative Henrik Vibskov transcends conventions ‘fashion designer’ ‘curator’ or ‘artist’ instead defining himself as the creator of eccentric universes. Since graduating from Central St Martins in 2001 he has produced over 30 fashion collections. Henrik has also participated in numerous international design fairs and festivals, most recently as the curator of the curator Mindcraft exhibition during Milan Design Week on behalf of the Danish Arts Foundation. 

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Supported by Embassy of Denmark and Danish Ministry for Culture