Designing For The Senses

13:30 - 14:15 19 September 2018

Ido Garini

Founder and Creative Director, Studio Appetit


About Speaker

Ido Garini is the owner and creative director of Studio Appétit, a multidisciplinary experiential design studio & concept house based in The Netherlands. He is renowned world wide as a pioneer in the integration of culinary art and the act of eating within the contemporary worlds of design, art, marketing and PR. Following work in the hospitality industry at a young age, he graduated from design school (industrial & graphic) and continued his culinary education in direct dialogue with his creative design vision - researching and developing new tools that can be used to create more meaningful and powerful experiences. 

In 2011 Ido founded Studio Appétit in NYC, and in 2013 he moved the studio to Europe. With Ido at the helm, Studio Appétit has produced a broad collection of projects, objects, installations and edible adventures worldwide to the likes of mega design brands, hotels, museums and other institutions, galleries, creative & PR agencies, and manufacturers and multinational corporations such as IKEA, Rosewood London, Laufen and V&A Museum to name a few. Studio Appétit consists today of 3 main brands: The Atelier, which works through its 'Appetiting Lab' on research, new projects, edible installations, product design and new platforms; -ISM, a creative agency, and Room- Service, a boutique F&B concept house and consultancy for the hospitality industry.


Sensory Design

13:30 - 14:15 19 September 2018

How can designers create subconscious comfort and immersive experiences by focusing on the aspects of design that cannot be seen and designing for all senses? Three leading innovators in the diverse fields of culinary art, new musical formats and sensual aesthetics explore the possibilities.